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Pressroom supplies

The Ortman-McCain Company (OMC) founded in 1946 in Chicago, Il and has concentrated its efforts to the manufacturing of the finest spray powders, systems and supplies. 

OMC manufactures a wide variety of supplies from our Chicago, Illinois location. All of our products are manufactured with quality in mind. We use only the highest quality raw materials available and have strict quality control procedures in place. Our products are carefully tested to make sure they perform as designed. 

OMC manufactures spray powder systems for most press makes and has several units that are adaptable for many different applications. We have a fully trained staff to help with your application.

The OMC brand of silicone liquid, ink compounds and overprint varnishes were added in 2001 and our OMC Hot Waxit Wax spray system was redesigned in  2006. 

OMC dealers are located throughout the United States, Canada and many foreign countries.

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312-666-2244 or Toll free 866-666-2244
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2303 West 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608
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General Information: D.Allison@Ortman-McCain.com
Sales, Service & Support: D.Allison@Ortman-McCain.com