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OMC spray powders are formulated for maximum stop-offset protection. Manufactured from only the highest food grade materials, our powders meet the requirements of the USDA for use on food packaging.

Powder Pro's

Free flowing - suitable for any type of sprayer system.
Available in coated, starch wax, and low dust formulations.
Available in all micron sizes suitable for all printing applications.
320  - 20 Microns: Smallest particles and most popular OMC spray powder for 38" and smaller presses. Light to medium ink coverage on a full range of paper stock. Extra smooth finish.
323  - 23 Microns: A blend for 38" and smaller presses. For medium to heavy coverage on light to medium stock. Smooth finish.
326  - 26 Microns: - A unique blend. Widely used for all size presses, all papers and ink coverage.
328  - 28 Microns: A blended spray powder for all size presses. Provides maximum protection from offsetting.
332  - 32 Microns: Medium coarse. Generally used on carbon stock, varnishing, larger presses, medium loads.
435  - 35 Microns: A proven blend for folding cartons and heavy card stock. Provides protection for extra heavy ink coverage.
440  - 40 Microns: A very special spray powder. For use in all applications which require maximum protection and ultra smooth finish on paper, board and plastic film or synthetic stocks.
550  - 50 Microns: A widely accepted blend for slip application and offset protection on heavy forms, gravure and box board.


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